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Ventiloquist Dummy Halloween Makeup

Posted 5 years ago - by: Kate Faulhaber


Start with a moisturized face. Apply your regular foundation and concealer and set it with a powder. Now, time to focus on the eye area. Prime your eyes. If you want the white on your lid to be extremely stark, I recommend either applying a white base or eye liner all over the lid. Then top that off with your white shadow. For the crease, use a dark gray or brown to define it and only blend it a little we want a bit of a defined crease. If you want an extremely defined cartoony eye, take a small brush with black eye shadow and trace your crease. Line your upper waterline with black and your lower waterline with white. On the top lash line, apply a black liquid or gel liner, no wing. We want to create an effect of round eyes. Now, to make the eyes look more round! Take either a white eye liner or a white shadow cream base on a small detail brush and color in a thick line on the lower lash line and connect it to the outer corner of the lid and the inner corner. This will basically be a complete oval of white. Then, take that same dark gray or brown shadow that you used to define your crease and apply it underneath the white to add dimension and blend a bit. If you want even more definition and dimension, take a black eye shadow on an angled brush and apply it directly under the fake white of your eye. Connect this dark shade to the outer corner of the crease shade. Apply either a coat of mascara and falsies or two REALLY heavy coats of mascara to your top lashes. DO NOT APPLY MASCARA TO YOUR BOTTOM LASHES. Remember, we have created a new eye shape that’s bigger and exaggerated. Use a liquid liner or gel liner on a very thin brush to draw on fake bottom lashes to the bottom of our “new eye.” Back to the face. Take that same dark shadow that you used to define those peepers! We will be contouring the cheeks and smile lines. Take a small fluffy brush and define the undersides of your cheeks to make them appear rounder and your smile lines to create that artificial smile. Apply a bright red or pink blush in a circular shape on the apples of your cheeks. After that, take a brown eye liner or your brow pencil and dot frenckles across the tops of your cheeks and nose. Now, for the most complex part of the look: the new dummy mouth. Take either a red lip liner or a very matte red lipstick and apply it to your top lip only for now. On the bottom lip, you can use a white eye liner or cream shadow base to color in your bottom lip. This is the start of the top row of teeth. Use whatever black liner you want that creates sharp lines and draw vertical lines on your bottom lip to make big dummy teeth. I’d go with four teeth all together on this lip. Now, take a black eye liner pencil and draw a line down on each corner of the mouth to your chin. About 1-2 inches down from your bottom lip, draw a horizontal line the same length as your bottom lip. This will be the top of the bottom row of teeth. Go back to your red lip liner or matte lipstick and color in a bottom lip on the chin line the same length as your upper lip. Now finish creating the four bottom teeth. That blank inch of space between teeth? Fill that in with a black eye liner of your choice so we have an illusion of an open dummy mouth. Now, after this whole novel of directions, you look like a dummy! Haha…get it? Like you look…stupid…yeah whatever I tried!



-Urban Decay Primer Potion

-MAC eye shadow in Brule

-Bareminerals loose eye shadow in Snow

-MAC eye shadow in Copperplate

-Makeup Geek eye shadow in Corrupt

-Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper for top liner and lower lashes on fake lower lash line

-NYX Retractable eye liner in Black

-NYX Slide On eye liner in Pure White

-Clinique Lash Doubling mascara in Black


-L’Oreal True Match foundation in N1 Soft Ivory

-Revlon Photo Ready concealer in Light

-NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat powder foundation in Nude

-MAC eye shadow in Copperplate for face contour

-The Balm powder blush in Frat Boy

-NYX Retractable eye liner in Brown for freckles and brows

Lips/Fake Puppet Mouth

-MAC Pro Longwear lip liner in Trust in Red

-NYX Slide On eye liner in Pure White

-NYX Eye Shadow Base in White

-L’Oreal Infallible gel liner in Blackest Black

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