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Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Recommendations

Posted 5 years ago - by: Kate Faulhaber

Okay, so you’re going to the MAC store or counter near you ready to pick out your first of one of the BEST MAC products…a lipstick! But you’re overwhelmed by all the choices. They’re so many colors and finishes to choose from and you’re not sure which one you like! HELLO! This is where I come in. MAC lipsticks are my favorite MAC product and I have a lot of knowledge over each finish because of how long I’ve been purchasing lipsticks from there. This post is going to help when it comes to finding a finish you like, my 10 favorite MAC lipsticks that I own and that I recommend to you all, and swatches of each lipstick on my lips. First, let’s start with a guide to each MAC lipstick finish.

1. Matte- A matte finish has no shine and is just flat color. The mattes from MAC are great because they apply smoothly unlike many other matte lipsticks from other brands. The color payoff is opaque and they last a long time. They can be drying after a while, so just prepare your lips with lipbalm and bring it with you to add moisture back to them.

2. Satin- Another favorite finish of mine. These are very similar to the matte lipsticks but there’s a slight shine and a bit more moisture to them. These also last a long time on the lips.

3. Amplified- My definite favorite finish of all. The color payoff is like a matte but the texture is much smoother and softer. These lipsticks tend to come in very bright pinks, corals and even a purple but there are also some great nude shades too. These last a good amount of time on me but not as long as a matte.

4. Cremesheen- This is one of MAC’s most popular finishes. They’re very creamy and have a great shine. They don’t last as long as a matte or satin but you can get about a 4-5 hour wear out of these. There’s a huge color range from very light to very deep.

5. Frost- These lipsticks are textured kind of like a satin but have a lot of pearl or shimmer throughout them. I personally don’t care for them since they can look a bit artificial (says the girl who adores purple and blue lipstick!) but some of the colors are quite pretty.

6. Lustre- These lipsticks have a sheer to medium pigmentation and are extremely glossy. Some shades with this finish have a little bit of a pearliness to it but most are just glossy.

7. Sheen Supreme- These are like the lustres because of the amount of gloss and shine they have, but are more pigmented. These come in a different type of packaging, an all black tube with a glossy finish.

8. Prolong Wear- These lipsticks apply very smooth and creamy, and actually dry to your lips for an all day wear. These have the longest wear off all MAC lipsticks.

Now, my 10 favorite MAC lipsticks!
This is in order of lightest to darkest!
1. Creme Cup- This is the ideal “first MAC lipstick” purchase. It’s a creamy nude with a pink tone. On some people it looks like a light pink depending on your skin tone. This has a cremesheen finish.

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Recommendations1
2. Pink Nouveau- If I had to pick my one favorite MAC lipstick…this would be it! It’s a beautiful medium bright pink. It’s not so bright to wear it’s not day time appropriate, but it’s more than just a nude pink. It flatters every skin tone and the satin finish feels great on the lips throughout the day.

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Recommendations2
3. Saint Germain- This pink is BRIGHT! The first time I tried this on it looked like I had frosting on my lips. But I love it! The amplified finish for this color is perfect. As long as you wear this lipstick with a very neutral eye, it can look really awesome! If bright eyes and Saint Germain is your thing, more power to ya!

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Recommendations3
4. Asian Flower- This is the only Sheen Supreme lipstick that I own, but it’s beautiful! It’s a light pinky purple with a lot of shine. I like wearing this with a pink and purple smokey eye, a neutral eye, or even a winged out silver smokey eye!

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Recommendations4
5. Girl About Town- This is an iconic fuchsia. The blue undertone in this lipstick helps make your teeth appear whiter. It has an amplified finish making it very pigmented and smooth for application.

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Recommendations5
6. Impassioned- This is another gorgeous fuchsia shade with an amplified finish, but with a coral/red undertone. It looks beautiful on everyone, but I personally love it on medium-dark skin with a neutral smokey eye for a summer night out.

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Recommendations6
7. Candy Yum Yum- The greatest neon pink known to man! The matte finish for this lipstick really helps it stand out even more and I adore it for that. This look different on everyone, but beautiful on everyone. Definitely recommend for my neon lovin’ ladies!

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Recommendations7
8. Morange- A bright orange! Yes, pure orange! It has an amplified finish and is a stunning shade for spring and summer with a simple eye look.

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Recommendations8
9. Heroine- A matte bright purple that is just too stunning to pass up. I’ve seen men and women of all skin tones try this color on and feel that it’s too strange but it truly looks gorgeous on them. (I’m that MAC customer that goes up to women telling them to get the “strange” lipstick that flattered their skin!) I adore this lipstick with anything from a light neutral eye to a deep black silver and purple smokey eye.

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Recommendations9
10. Rebel- The ideal fall/winter shade! This is a gorgeous deep plummy purple red with a satin finish. This lipstick paired with a gold smokey eye is just perfect for the holidays.

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Recommendations10
Okay…we all knew I couldn’t pick only 10…
here are 3 of the limited edition
MAC lipsticks I have that I love and dupes of them!

1. Happy-Go-Lucky- This was a part of the Playland collection and it has an amplified finish. It’s a beautiful bright hot pink. A good color match to this is Maybelline Vivid lipstick in Fuschia Flash.

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Recommendations11
2. Dodgy Girl- This was one of 4 lipsticks in the MAC Kelly Osbourne collection and it’s a gorgeous pink toned lavender with a matte finish. I cannot find a perfect dupe :( but mixing Heroine lipstick with a beige nude gives a similar color.

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Recommendations12
3. Viva Glam Nicki- This was a limited edition Viva Glam lipstick a couple of years ago. It’s a yellow toned pink with a satin finish. Two EXACT color matches to this lipstick on Lime Crime lipstick in Geradium and Wet N Wild Mega Last lipstick in Pinkerbelle.

Top 10 MAC Lipsticks Recommendations13
Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have any requests, questions, or comments! Thanks <3

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