Jul 11

New Series…

Posted 5 years ago - by: Kate Faulhaber

Hey everyone! I’m really pleased with all of the love I got for the lipstick series post. Which was your favorite? Did you find the posts helpful? I hope so! Like I always say, I don’t want you to think of this blog as my way to dictate what you HAVE to wear, it’s more like suggestions and how to apply it. The only time that my posts may come off as a lecture will be if you want a certain effect (say how to make your eye color pop or how to change the shape of your eye with your makeup) then that will have to be a little more like a list of instructions.

Speaking of eye color, many of you volunteered to be models for my eye color series, which is fabulous! I do want to get on with that series soon, but I also have another series in mind…Disney princess inspired makeup! I’d like to get started with that as well…so I think what I will do is each day I post (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday-Sunday) I will try to go back and forth with each series…which means I really need to get my volunteer models to meet with me as soon as possible! In the mean time while I wait to meet with you all…are there any requests you have that you would like to see a post about? If so, please post a comment on my Facebook post with the link to this. Thanks everyone for your support!


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