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My Makeup Inspirations

Posted 5 years ago - by: Kate Faulhaber

This is quite a different post for me. You all read mostly tutorials, reviews and how-tos on my page. But I love posts like this. I wanted to share what makeup artists have inspired me into adoring makeup artistry more than I had in the very beginning. I want all of my audience to see that I am humble and that I’m thankful for those who have inspired my love for all things beauty. The list is in no particular order.

1. Cora or “Vintageortacky”- Cora is one of the first beauty gurus I began watching on YouTube. She’s plus sized with colorful hair and makeup and a quirky personality. So OBVIOUSLY she’s someone I can relate to. Cora’s makeup always looks flawless and also makes complicated looks a whole lot easier with the way she teaches. She has inspired me to embrace my love for colorful makeup and has inspired me to learn to be comfortable in the body I have. I highly recommend checking her out if you are eager to learn how to do awesome colorful makeup looks! Oh, and her neutral looks always have a little bit of zazz. So check it.

2. Marlena or “MakeupGeek”- One of the first ladies who began making beauty videos, Marlena is honestly one of the bests. She’s very professional, but you won’t watch her wanting to smack her. Her personality is adorable. But even with that sugary personality…she’s got some fierce skills! Her eye makeup always looks flawless and when you see this woman’s lashes…yes! THOSE BAD BOYS ARE REAL! And besides her YouTube career she has an amazing and affordable makeup line! Check her out on YouTube as well! And you must check out her makeup line. The eye shadows are to die for! Her line is also called Makeup Geek.

3.Lauren or “QueenofBlendingMUA”- This woman isn’t just a makeup artist…she’s a freaking artist! She’s your girl for out there makeup looks! She’s why I began to feel more confident wearing crazy lipstick shades like blue and green! Lauren is just awesome. Her work speaks for itself. Check her out. Do it. Even her neutral looks have a whole lot to be interested in. Her technique is perfect.

4. Nichole Futrall-Lang- My main MAC gal! Nichole is a makeup artist at the MAC store in Crocker Park. She’s the ONLY one I trust to paint me up or to even add a lower liner. She may be a lover of bold makeup like myself, but she knows her stuff with natural makeup too! If it weren’t for this artsy little lady, I never would have dipped a makeup brush in bold color. She inspired me to wear more color on my eyes. If you go to this store and see her, I highly recommend asking her for makeup advice and for a paint job.

5. Carly Humbert or “misscarcarhumbert”- Love this girl! She’s edgy and loves a bold look whether it’s with neutral shades or color! She’s very talented and gorgeous. Carly wears the smokey neutral eye and bold lip look a lot which is my ideal everyday makeup! Her looks are creative and unique but wearable. As I’ve said for all of the other YouTube gurus…check her out!

 Hope this was a little bit interesting. And check these ladies out!



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