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Lipstick Series: Red

Posted 5 years ago - by: Kate Faulhaber

How to Wear Red Lips
Hey everyone and happy 4th of July! Because of today’s holiday, I decided to do the second post of my lipstick series on red lips. Now, this color I have a HUGE love/hate relationship with. I love that it’s universally flattering on women of all ages and skin tones, and I love the many options for each skin tone (if you’re not sure which type of red flatters you best, I will post it with this underneath all the products I used for my look today) but I HATE and I mean H-A-T-E how messy it is to apply and how difficult it can be to wear throughout the day. If you don’t use a very matte red, I recommend a lip pencil and also I really recommend using a lipbrush to apply the lipstick. This lip requires a lot of patience, but when you wear it, it truly looks so classic and beautiful. And like I said about the orange lips, you can always go for a sheerer finished red lip (I recommend trying Maybelline’s Babylips in Cherry Me, only around $3.00!) and to save some cash the drugstore has ENDLESS amounts of red lipsticks, sheer to opaque! Now, for the eye look, you can wear whatever you like with a red lip! But this is all what I like, again like I always say…there are no rules to makeup!

The look I chose to do today was inspired by the pinup girl era: the thick heavy winged eyeliner, the matte neutral eye shadows, rosy cheeks, and of course the juicy red lips! But for the 4th, I added blue liner on the bottom connecting to the top wing for something festive. For everyday wear, you can leave out the pop of color on the bottom and go very classic pinup, or I like to add a pop of gold on the bottom so it’s still wearable but it adds a little sassiness! Alright, check out my face! Haha!

Lipstick Series Red
Eyes: For the lid I mixed Urban Decay’s Virgin eye shadow with a matte white, Urban Decay Naked eye shadow blended from the crease to a little above it, Makeup Geek’s Cocoa Bear just in the crease, and Makeup Geek’s Corrupt in the outer corner blended a little into the crease and on the outer lid. For the thick winger eyeliner I used L’Oreal’s Infallible gel liner in Blackest Black and created a thick wing with an angeled eye liner brush. I used NYX’s Pure White waterproof liner in the bottom waterline to open up the eyes. For the bottom lash line I first used MAC’s Hi Def Cyan kohl liner (bright blue) drawing it from where my the white of eye begins up to the tip of the wing. I topped it with MAC’s Steamy eyeshadow (it’s a turquoise blue with shimmer) and blended it a little. Then in the inner corner to open the eyes up more I put the NYX white liner and topped it with a matte white shadow to blend it into the blue liner a bit. For mascara on my top lashes I used Clinique’s Lash Doubling and Maybelline’s Colossal and for my bottom lashes I used Benefit’s They’re Real.

Face: Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 liquid foundation in Classic Ivory, NYX’s Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation in Nude, NYC’s Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in Sunny, ELF Studio powder blush in Pink Passion

Lips: NYX’s lip pencil in Red and Urban Decay’s Revolution lipstick in Catfight



Cool Toned Skin- If you have a cool undertone or pink undertone in your skin, the reds that have a pink or blue undertone will flatter your skin the best. If you’re fair skinned, I would suggest reds that are not too dark so you don’t appear to look colorless in the skin. If you’re darker complected, a deeper blue toned berry red will look stunning on you, but if you go too light, it might take away from your skin tone.

Warm Toned Skin- When you have a warm undertone or yellow undertone in your skin, reds that have a yellow or orange base will bring out the warmth in your skin. Fairer skin ladies go with the bright cherry reds and ladies with darker skin can do cherry reds or deeper orange reds.

Neutral Toned Skin- WHATEVER YOU LIKE BEST :)

Not sure what undertone you have? There are ways to figure it out! This may seem weird, but look at your veins. Are they purely blue or purple-blue? This means you have a pink or cool undertone. Are they a greenish tone? This means you have a yellow or warm undertone. Also, check out some of the jewelry you have. Cooler undertones are flattered best with silver or white gold jewelry. Warmer undertones look best with gold jewelry. (I cannot take credit for these theories, I learned these from Michelle Phan, a famous beauty guru.)

The outfit I decided to wear today is a floral printed blue/purple tank top from Torrid, dark wash skinny jeans from Old Navy, and my necklace is my mom’s I have no clue where she got it, but you can find necklaces like that at JC Penney’s, Claires, Charming Charlies, and Macy’s!

Thanks everyone for reading! Tomorrow’s post will continue with the lipstick series, I’m thinking I’ll talk about purple lipstick!


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