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Lipstick Series: Purple

Posted 5 years ago - by: Kate Faulhaber

How to Wear Purple Lips
Hey everyone! The third and (for me) the most exciting post of my lipstick series: PURPLE! This lip has been extremely trendy in the fashion world and in the real world. You would think it would be a hard color to pull off…but truly it’s VERY flattering! Like the red lip, it’s all about the shade you pick! Some purples have a lot of pink in them so those are considered more wearable. Others have a red tone in them making them almost a raspberry shade which is also very wearable. And then the pure purples…my personal favorite! They do appear to be very scary…but they truly are beautiful shades and they’re much easier to wear than you may think. Now, for this post, I will NOT include an eye look. This is because there truly are endless options for an eye look to pair with a purple lip. You can go very basic with a thickening mascara, foundation, bronzer and the lipstick. A neutral, brown, or gray smokey eye looks great with a purple lipstick. Or I like pairing a purple lip with a pink and purple smokey eye (which I have a post on, scroll down to the 3rd last post.) Also for an outfit to pair with a purple lip, you have a lot of options there too! You can wear a purple that differs from the lipstick you choose, but when it doubt go with neutral shades! So this post isn’t boring, I decided to post a little special somethin’ somethin’ ;-) I’ll be showing pictures of swatches on my arm and lips of all the purple lipsticks I own! I get asked a lot where I get purple lipsticks and you can get high end and drugstore ones! The best way to look is googling “purple lipstick drugstore” or “purple lipsticks.” Alright, let’s change things up and begin the lip and arm swatches!

NYX Macaron Lipstick in Lavender-
Color- True lavender
Price- $6.00
Finish- Creamy, slight shine, a little sheer but buildable

Lipstick Series Purple1

MAC Kelly Osbourne Lipstick in Dodgy Girl-
Color- Light/medium pink toned purple
Price- Limited Edition, no longer available (Try mixing MAC’s Heroine and MAC’s Myth for similar shade)
Finish- Matte

Lipstick Series Purple2

MAC Lipstick in Asian Flower-
Color- Pinky purple
Price- $17.00
Finish- Sheen Supreme (very glossy, creamy)

Lipstick Series Purple3

MAC Lipstick in Up The Amp-
Color- medium bright mauve toned purple
Price- $16.00
Finish- Amplified (very pigmented, slight shine)

Lipstick Series Purple4

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Violet Volt-
Color- Red toned bright purple
Price- $5.49
Finish-Pearly, shimmery

Lipstick Series Purple5

Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Airborne Unicorn-
Color- Bright medium purple
Price- $18.00
Finish- Creamy, very pigmented, a little shine

Lipstick Series Purple6

MAC Lipstick in Heroine-
Color- medium/dark purple
Price- $16.00
Finish- Matte

Lipstick Series Purple7

MAC Lipstick in Rebel-
Color- Deep berry with purple undertone
Price- $16.00
Finish- Satin

Lipstick Series Purple8

Lipstick Series Purple last

Tomorrow’s post will be about wearing a fuchsia lipstick, including an eye look and an outfit! I may also post a few different lipstick options as well! Thanks for reading!


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