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How To: Winged Eye Liner

Posted 5 years ago - by: Kate Faulhaber

Winged eye liner to me is a trend that never seems to leave us. It flatters all eye shapes and can go from subtle to extreme. It may be great to be able to create so many different winged liner sizes…but when you want a subtle flick and you get a bat wing with one mistake stroke it becomes frustrating. This is what makes winged eye liner so tricky. I have a method to help you keep your eye liner sharp, even, and awesome! I’ll also have a mini tutorial on the eye look I’m wearing today.

First, start with any eye shadow primer you like. I like the Wet N Wild Take On The Day eye primer. Top it off with a matte/ satin finished eye shadow or even a face powder that’s the same color as your skin. Then take your Scotch tape, place it on the back of your hand to get rid of some of the stickiness, and line it up with the edge of your nostril, following that to your lower lash line and place it next to your eye. Use the inner edge of the piece of your tape as a guide for the angle of your wing.

How To Winged Eye Liner

Take a medium brown shadow and brush that into your crease for a little bit of depth for your eye look. I used my favorite “transition shade” Urban Decay Naked eye shadow. If you would like, you can take another brown shadow a little darker than the first shadow and add a little bit of depth on the outer corner. I like to use Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear for this.

How To Winged Eye Liner2

Then, line your upper waterline with a black or brown pencil eyeliner to make your lashes appear thicker. Then for my bottom waterline I used my NYX Slide On Glide On waterproof eye pencil in Pure White to brighten and open up my eyes for that doll eye look. These two small steps can really add to your look and make your eyes look bright and young.

Next, take your favorite eye liner (liquid, gel, or pencil) and begin lining your eyes like you normally would. Most common colors for this would be black, brown, navy, or plum. These colors will add depth towards your top lash line and make your eye lashes look thicker. But please use any color you like! No rules to makeup as I always say! I’m actually using that same white eye liner pencil by NYX. You’ll see why later :) Now, start following the edge of the tape with your liner and create your desired wing shape. The easiest way to do this is by using the tape’s edge to trace the first angled line, then drag it back down to make a triangle and fill it in. Even if you get your liner on the tape, it’s okay! It won’t be all over your face, right?

How To Winged Eye Liner3

If you’re done with your liner, remove your tape. See that sharp edge? Amazing right? Tell everyone you just perfected that shape yourself with no help! (Or you can tell them you learned from I Live For Lipsticks…yeah do that! ;-) )

If you want to top off your liner with shadow to ensure that it lasts all day, leave your tape on. Here’s where the white eyeliner comes in handy. Sometimes you’re not going to have a coordinating shadow to top your winged eyeliner, so when that happens…use white. White eyeliner is going to have the color on top show its truest. I’ll be using Simply Marlena by Makeup Geek to create a pink winged liner! Another eye shadow that you could use for a medium/dark pink liner would be NYX Hot Single eye shadow in Pink Lady! (Haha!)

How To Winged Eye Liner4

If you liked to brighten up your eye more, take a light shimmery shadow and pat it on the inner corner of your eye. Because I have a pink winged liner, I decided to use Swish by MAC, a light pink shadow with lavender shimmer.

How To Winged Eye Liner5

Curl your eyelashes and apply your favorite mascara. I’ll be using my Clinique Lash Doubling mascara. Here’s the finished look.

How To Winged Eye Liner6

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed creating this girly modern pink ladies look for you!


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