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How To: Eyebrows

Posted 5 years ago - by: Kate Faulhaber

I get a lot of questions about how to properly groom and fill in your brows…I’m not sure why because I’ve got probably a pair of the most unruly eye brows, but hey! You asked!

How To Eyebrows

When it comes to grooming them, I just stick to plucking the hairs that just look out of place. Keep the natural shape as best you can, that will be the most flattering shape! I don’t have super thick brows, but they do require a lot of help. Because the hairs are naturally wavy like my own hair, they can look like fluffy dog brows. I like to brush up the hairs with a brow spooley, and give the front brow hairs a little trim. Besides that and a little plucking, that’s really all I do for brow grooming.

Now for filling them in, it’s really up to you! I personally like brow powder because it tends to look more natural on me. But, brow pencils work great too! It’s all about application and the amount of product and pressure you use to apply it. Here’s a quick brow tutorial for you all.

How To Eyebrows2

First, make sure your brows look polished. Whether that’s with plucking, waxing, or just a simple trim just make sure they’re not looking like Eugene Levy brows.

Next, here is my secret to long lasting brows. EYE SHADOW PRIMER! Yes, just like for your eyes, the primer is going to help show the true color of your brow product and help it stay in place all day.

After that, take an angled brow brush with your brow powder or your brow pencil and fill them in the way you like! I personally use a L’Oreal matte medium brown shadow from an old quad (the product itself is new, just a product that was released years ago.) I like my brows defined and a bit dark.

Take your spooley, and spray it with hairspray (yes, hairspray!) and comb your brows into place. This helps in the long lasting power. You can also buy a brow gel to help set your brows into place.

These are my finished brows.

How To Eyebrows3

Now, just for a little extra somethin’ somethin’, I’ve been dying to try out this colorful brow trend. I’ve seen pink brows, purple brows, green brows, even metallic gold brows! They just look like WAY too much fun! So today, I’m trying it out! Here’s what I did for these poppin’ purple brows.

I took a purple waterproof eye liner from Urban Decay called Psychedelic Sister and filled in my brows like I would with a regular brow pencil. If you want to use a colored shadow that you don’t have a coordinating eye liner with, just use a white liner! That’ll make any color powder you use pop and standout! Next, take a Q-tip and clean up around your brows where the pencil may have gotten to outside your brows. We want these colorful brows to look clean and crisp!

How To Eyebrows4

If you are terrified of your face after drawing on your eye liner through your brows, it’s totally normal!
Now, take whatever color eye shadow that you like, and top off the liner to set it into place on your brows! I’m using two different purple shadows for a gradient effect. First, I took Make Up For Ever eye shadow in #9 which is a bright matte lavender purple. Then, I took NYX Hot Single eye shadow in Ultraviolet which is a matte dark purple for the tail of my brow. Make sure to go back and forth with both shadows so they blend seamlessly and you get that look of a natural gradient of color…as natural as purple brows can look!

After your brows are looking all mermaidy and gorgeous, take another Q-tip and clean around them to keep them polished. And you’re done!

How To Eyebrows5

That one lone hair in my face is bothering me to death!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have a request for anything from a makeup look to a product review! Love you all!

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