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How To: Deep Clean Your Brushes Affordably!

Posted 5 years ago - by: Kate Faulhaber

Hey everyone! Makeup isn’t just about color and technique, it’s also about sanitation. This is really the most boring part of proper makeup application. Cleaning your makeup brushes can be looked at as a waste of time, but it’s VERY important to do. When it comes to the daily cleaning, I recommend the ELF Daily Brush Cleanser (only $3.00!) But deep brush cleaners are generally very pricey and can still damage your brushes. I learned this technique from famous beauty guru Michelle Phan and it’s only 2 ingredients for your DIY deep brush cleanser: olive oil and dish soap! The soap obviously cleans the brushes and gets rid of the old makeup and dirt. Why the olive oil? This helps add moisture back into the brush hairs to avoid them drying out. Keep reading to see the step-by-step process to this easy and afforable brush cleaner!

How To Deep Clean Your Brushes Affordably1

1. Get out a plate and squeeze out an appropriate amount of dish soap on one half of the plate. (depending how many brushes your cleaning) Then pour olive oil on the other half.

2. Take a brush that you need to clean and swirl it on the edge that the oil and soap meet. Then pick up your brush and swirl it on the palm of your hand. Repeat these steps until there’s no longer any makeup on the brush.

3. When you finish cleaning a brush, rinse it with COLD water. If you use hot water it can strip out all of the moisture you just added with the olive oil. Dry with a paper towel or an old clean dish towel.

4. Store your brushes UPSIDE DOWN in a tall glass. This is important to do because if you leave your brush right side up the water still in the brush hairs will get into the farrel of the brush and loosen the glue that holds the hairs together.

5. Let these sit for however long until the hairs are completely dry. Now you have clean brushes!

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