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5 High-End Products WORTH The Hype

Posted 5 years ago - by: Kate Faulhaber

Hey everyone! This post is going to be about my 5 favorite high end makeup products. I know spending a large amount of money on a makeup item seems ridiculous (and sometimes, it truly is!) But, the quality of a product can make it worth the price tag that makes you want to scream in the middle of Sephora or MAC. If you would like I can also write a post on drugstore makeup items that are worth buying and are still great even with the low price. Let me know! I love requests. Anyways, let’s go on with the countdown!

1. Urban Decay Eye Shadows- These are my favorite high-end eye shadows. They have a creamy and smooth texture making them easy to apply and blend. They’re so pigmented and come in a ton of colors ranging from the lightest nudes to the richest colors. You can find these shadows on urbandecay.com or at any Sephora or Ulta. An individual shadow from Urban Decay costs $18.00. The shadows below from left to right are Deep End, Scratch, Baked, and Freakshow.

5 High-End Products WORTH The Hype1
2. Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara- I’m usually against purchasing high end mascara because there are some amazing drugstore mascaras, but this is an exception. Lash Doubling really lengthens my lashes and makes them look full and flirty. This mascara can be purchased at Sephora or a Clinique counter

5 High-End Products WORTH The Hype2
5 High-End Products WORTH The Hype3
3. Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Liners- These are great eye liners for the waterline or for any occassion that you need a long wearing eye liner. They come in tons of colors and you can get these at any store where Urban Decay is sold (look back at Urban Decay eye shadows.) These cost $20.00 each. The shade below is my favorite called Scorch.

5 High-End Products WORTH The Hype4
4. MAC lipsticks- These iconic lipsticks are worth the hype. Tons of colors and finishes give you all the options you could ever ask for. These lipsticks range from $16.00-$18.00. The colors below from left to right are Heroine, Pink Nouveau, Impassioned, Creme Cup, Candy Yum Yum, and Saint Germain.

5 High-End Products WORTH The Hype5
5. Lime Crime Opaque Lipsticks- Of course I’m mentioning two different brands of lipsticks…I’m a lipstick junkie! I gotta admit…these are a bit more expensive than the MAC lipsticks…but they are FABULOUS! They have a very soft and smooth texture and are highly pigmented. My all time favorite lipstick is made by this brand. These lipsticks can be bought from limecrime.com and are $18.00. The shades that I have below are Coquette and Airborne Unicorn. (Can you guess which is my favorite?)

5 High-End Products WORTH The Hype6

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